WizardLogo on darkWizard is bringing a passionate world of high-quality Arts and Entertainment to Sri Lanka.

In an era of optimism for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans following decades of stagnating conditions, Wizard aspires to serve in developing the arts and entertainment fields.

As Sri Lanka looks forward to a promise of being the miracle of Asia, Wizard envisions leading the entertainment industry, and will strive to emulate the successes enjoyed by our regional neighbours in this sphere.

By positioning Sri Lanka as a viable additional destination to host world-class entertainment within the highly-developed regional tour circuit, Wizard will progressively create an environment and reputation for showcasing international artistes ‘in our little corner of the world’.

Wizard’s vision of creating a thriving and sustainable arts and entertainment culture in an emerging, undeveloped market requires tremendous passion, stamina and commitment – attributes that we possess in great abundance.

Welcome to the world of Wizard